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We identify security risks to your website by infiltrating your system like potential hackers. To do this, we have to be constantly up to date with the latest cybersecurity standards.

Cyber ​​security specialists

Thanks to our IT specialists with years of experience, we are aware of attacker methods and therefore have little chance of jeopardizing your system.

Fast response times

We act IMMEDIATELY. If you ask us to back up your system today, we will reply within the next 24 hours.

Our strengths - your advantage

Make cyber security a thing of the past with us!

We at Protectify.me analyze and scan your website on an ongoing basis - so that cybersecurity doesn't even become a problem for you.

  • We take care of your website, you take care of your company
  • Stay up to date on your web security anytime, anywhere
  • Improve your search engine optimization
Our tasks

Your advantages

Relaxed through your online presence

Your website is regularly checked for malware. You can sit back and relax while we constantly analyze & scan your website.

Your website creates trust

Build customer trust with the Protectify.me trustmark. So your customers know immediately that your site is safe and free from malware.

Stronger SEO

With protectify.me, you never have to worry about a compromised website again. Our continuous, proactive scanner finds the threat before it can wreak havoc.

Immediate notification

With our automated notification e-mails and the live ticker on your Protectify.me dashboard, you always stay informed about your security online.

Use Protectify.me for your customers

With the trust seal for better customer trust

As an entrepreneur, you not only value the quality of your products, but also want to offer customers and visitors a safe web experience. Show with our Protectify.me trust seal that web security is also very important to you. You can easily and directly embed the Protectfify.me trust seal on your website and thus give your customers security.

  • Higher conversion rate because your customers can trust you
  • Security through regular checks
  • You will receive the Protectify.me seal of trust for your company
our service

What is website scanning?

Malware Scan

Our powerful pentesting software analyzes and scans your entire website, flags all suspicious content and notifies you immediately of any problems that need to be resolved.

Application Scan

The application scan examines the core applications of the server including the operating system, database and language versions such as PHP & JavaScript.

Blacklisting Check

Listing on a spam blacklist can move your emails to spam folders or make your website untraceable. We make sure that your website is protected from this.

XSS & SQLi Scan

XSS and SQL injections are widely used to gain unauthorized access to your website. We look for these vulnerabilities and notify you as soon as they are found.

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